Friday, March 12, 2010

New Windows networking blog and other blogs to check out

Joe Davies is maintaining a new blog location that I think will be useful for those that are into network topics about the Windows platform. The blog is up on technet and is The Windows Server User Assistance Networking (WSUAN) team's blog. It covers all things networking related including subjects like DNS, DHCP, DirectAccess, BranchCache, Windows Firewall and my personal favorite, IPv6.

Also worth checking out is the Springboard Series blog that Stephen Rose runs - good stuff there for IT Pros.

There are several other personal blogs worth mentioning. My short list, for those that are interested, of ones I look at.
Jennelle Crothers at
Susan Bradley at
Colin McNamara at
Scott Lowe at
Steve Riley at
Jeremy Stretch at
Jessica Deen at

There are a ton more out there that are really good, when I get a moment I will dump down my list to another post.
- Ed

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