Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Some IPv6 information link updates

I am doing some work for a client getting their public IPv4 blocks from ARIN so I thought I would share some useful IPv6 links they have now up at the ARIN site since I was looking around anyway.

ARIN now as an IPv6 Wiki page that has some good content and an IPv6 Information Page which has additional links that might interest someone who is getting started with IPv6.
I still really recommend that folks check out Hurricane Electric's excellent free IPv6 tunnel broker services. For those that want to start playing with IPv6 this is an awesome resource.

Check out the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual regarding IPv6, some interesting stuff is in there regarding the goals of IP address space management. Its worth a quick read, especially if you are securing IPv6 address space for a client or your own company. If you don't have IPv6 on your roadmap yet as something to address I think the year 2010 will be when you really need to add it to your list of items.

If you want some fast training on IPv6 but there are some e-learning sites like 6diss.org and there are some excellent white papers at Microsoft and at Cisco also.
- Ed

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