Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cisco Networkers this week

Even though it technically started on June 22 things don't really start until today if you look at the schedule. I've attended Networkers in the past and it is a good conference but I am going to hold out until next year when it is here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
For those that follow conferences it looks like Microsoft's TechEd will be in Los Angeles next year. Both conferences were in Florida this year which is a real long flight from the Northwest or even California. I guess all the west coast folks get to be lazy next year if they want to attend. - Ed

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Anonymous said...

My best friend got his certification from CISCO, and he loves going to these networking meetings because it helps him get more information and contacts for these meetings. I always get lost with all the jargon, but I try to learn at least one thing there. I think it's pretty cool how Cisco totally opens doors for their IT trainees.