Sunday, April 13, 2008

Microsoft MVP Summit

It is that time again, the Microsoft MVP Summit is next week and I am flying up tomorrow to catch up with it (late as usual) and then hopefully hear and learn about all the new and interesting stuff that Microsoft is up to. As is typical for all MVP's, seems that most of the content is covered under NDA but anything that isn't I will try and make a comment about. Seems that Server 2008, Security (Forefront), and System Center will be talked a lot about.
I got very mixed feedback on the new Hyper-V product at the Server 2008 launch event. Most folks who are working with other hypervisors really felt that Hyper-V was behind the curve and it isn't really officially out yet. I don't know how much market share Microsoft can gain in that market but I guess they should have something to reduce the de-coupling of the OS to the hardware, something Microsoft considers pretty important. They definitely want a piece of Microsoft software controlling the hardware and any other OS that wants to use the hardware should have to go through that MS software. I really believe that is for licensing reasons as technically I can't see that it would make that much of a difference.
- Ed

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