Thursday, April 05, 2007

MVP awards - some bad news

I just found out that Scot Mehl and Doug Spindler did not get renewed for their MVP's from Microsoft. I have to be frank and say that I am amazed they did not get renewed. Scot runs the Tri-Valley Network User's Group (TVNUG) and gives a ton of time to make stuff happen from the user group level.
As for Doug not getting it - I am speechless. Doug is a legend in the user group community of IT Professionals. He single handily does more for the IT Pro user groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond then anyone I have meet or heard of in my many years of being involved in user groups myself. I think Microsoft has made a HUGE mistake. Perhaps they are just tired of hearing from Doug about issues they fail to address year after year after year. Perhaps it has finally gotten personal? Who knows. Either way, I can't not help but express my true disappointment that Doug is no longer an MVP. Pacific IT Professionals will be worse off because of it.
- Ed

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