Monday, June 05, 2006

VMware Infrastructure 3 announced - but can you download it yet?

Well, it seems that VMware decided to jump the gun and announce what their product offering and bundles were going to be a little bit before the bulk of the products are actually available. Everyone is really interested in getting their hands on VMware ESX 3.0, especially if you didn't make it on the beta.

I'm excited to see all the new enhancements VMware has put into their products. I can sort of forgive them for announcing early, they are doing that to meet the promises they gave the street about product release in this quarter. Gotta keep the street happy or the stock goes in the tank. Still, sort of frustrating to go to the site and try and do the download and only have available ESX Server 2.x and VirtualCenter 1.x, such is life.
- Ed

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