Monday, March 06, 2006

Problems with HE.NET's tunnel broker

Maybe I am alone in this but it looks like Hurricane Electric is having problems with their tunnel broker router. I am unable to connect to some common IPv6 addressing via the tunnel - well actually, I am unable to connect to ANY public IPv6 addressing through them right now. I've been e-mailing in asking for them to take a look but to no avail. Hope they get it fixed soon. I may have to find some other tunnel broker services to use as I am in the middle of testing out and building some lab configuration.
If you are using's tunnel broker service please drop me a line, I am trying to make sure it isn't isolated to my tunnel configurations and having someone else out there using it makes confirming that sooo much easier.
- Ed

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Anonymous said...

Got the same problem, tunnel endpoint is not responding .. Im using BT Exact now, and it works ;)