Tuesday, February 14, 2006

IPv6 running in my lab

I finally got around to getting everything working. I have a /64 from Hurricane Electric through their IPv6 tunnel broker service to my Cisco 871 router. From their I have my router configured with my prefix for my local subnet and I have a Windows XP SP2 machine on that local subnet. I started up IPv6 on my XP machine and get an IPv6 address and I can pass traffic to the IPv6 public Internet! It all works, very cool. When I get a moment I will do a dump of some configuration files and XP screen shots to show how it is configured.
- Ed


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed!
I found your Web page when googling for "configure ipv6 cisco 871 router". That tells a lot about the cisco web site and the documentation available!

In fact we are trying to set an IPV6 lab up here for our own devices. I work for BDT which developes and manufactures such devices as the current HP MSL 4048 libraries. These units need to speak IPV6 too and we need a lab to test it.

Now, according to your BLOG you have successfully set up a CISCO 871 for IPV6. My colleague, who asked me to help him, didn't even figure out where to make the necessary setting. So I searched for documentation on the internet and here I am.

Can you please help me to get started with this router? Is there some kind of a quick setup for IPV6? Do you have any links to documentation on how to configure ipv6 on a cisco 871?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Links to internet ressources are welcome!



Howfunky said...

You can download a presentation I gave at the Windows Connection
Conference in Las Vegas last year. It is about Windows Vista and next
generation networking but I believe it has all my router
configurations in it also for the hands on labs we did. If that isn't
enough to get you going then send me a note and I will send you my
configuration files and URL links for docs.


In case the link doesn't work properly, go to:
- downloads & links
- - Windows Connections Conference Las Vegas Nov 2006
- - - Vista's Next Generation Networking

Best of luck.