Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stack3 presentation thoughts from the TVNUG meeting

We had an interesting presenter last evening at the Tri-Valley Network Users Group ( meeting. Paul from Stack3 gave a very interesting presentation on the products they are working on.
They basically have two appliances right now, one is an all in one security gateway and the other is a voip pbx that works tightly with the security appliance. They seem remarkable cost effective given everything the products do.
They are running open source software but on the NetBSD OS. They are using Polycom phones which are very affordable and they seems to be a great fit for the SMB market. From back of the envelope math they are significantly cheaper then a similar deployment of either Cisco, Avaya or Shoreline. It remains to be seen if their product is as robust as it needs to be to support telephony for business critical needs.
The security appliance has a SPI firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, content control, proxy services, and several other interesting services all rolled into a single device. They claim to have tested IPSec compatibility with several of the major vendors so they seem to have a product folks could use right away without cleaning out the bank to get all the features you would want.
- Ed

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