Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TechSmith's SnagIt 8.1

SnagIt Screen Capture from TechSmith is a very cool product. If you are doing any presentation work and need to do screen captures their product is one of the BEST ways to do it. The product just works as you would expect. To top it all off, TechSmith gets the user group side of the fence completely. They even have a way to request materials like eval cds, door prizes, and literature for your user group meetings to give out. You have to give them credit, TechSmith even has a Chief Evangelist (Betsy Weber - hi Betsy!) which I find remarkably refreshing. Hats off to Guy Kawasaki for really building the evangelist style and kudos to TechSmith for using it!
- Ed

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ed! Thanks for the shout out! That was a nice surprise! :-)

Thanks for using SnagIt!