Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Microsoft Springboard on Windows 7

I've been lucky enough to be added as part of the Microsoft Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel or STEP program for Windows 7. I've been developing IPv6 content for people participating in the Springboard series to present to their local IT Pro User groups. Check out the Springboard series, Stephen Rose has been doing a great job getting all this content together, its a huge effort.

After the IPv6 content I will likely move on to a quick guide for Direct Access. Direct Access requires Windows Server 2008R2 and remember that Server 2008R2 is 64bit only.

I also just finished chatting with Charley Wen with Microsoft on all things related to QoS within Windows. It will be interesting seeing what solutions Microsoft comes up with for Server and Hyper-V that account for QoS and virtual switch infrastructure.

I am also betting that the RC for Windows7 and Server2008R2 will be out next week. I need to get stuff built out and I would like to use the RC's if possible.
- Ed