Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cloud Field Day 7 - All virtual but still a Tech Field Day event in every way

Adapting to the times is a given in the technology field and the current worldwide crisis around COVID-19 has forced some changes for Tech Field Day events and the Cloud Field Day 7 event starting April 22, 2020 in particular. We will be doing everything online and while I will miss getting to hang out with many of my friends and colleagues who will be participating it is nice to know we can continue to contribute and engage in this fashion.
So check out the live feeds and videos, it all starts Wednesday morning at 8 am PDT. The line up of sponsors is good. We will be hearing from these sponsors over a few days, check the site for specifics:

If you decide to watch and you have a question during one of the live sessions feel free to hit me up on twitter (@ehorley) and I will see if I can get it asked. You can also just use hashtag #CFD7 and others can jump in to help if I missed it.
- Ed

In a spirit of fairness (and also because it is legally required by the FTC), I am posting this Disclosure Statement. It is intended to alert readers to funding or gifts that might influence my writing. My participation in Tech Field Day events was voluntary and I was invited to participate in CFD7. Tech Field Day is hosted by Gestalt IT and my hotel, transportation, food and beverage was/is paid for by Gestalt IT for the duration of the event. In addition, small swag gifts were/are provided by some of the sponsors of the event to delegates. It should be noted that there was/is no requirement to produce content about the sponsors and any content produced does not require review or editing by Gestalt IT or the sponsors of the event.