Thursday, March 30, 2006


I am debating if I should do my ISATAP lab with a Longhorn server as the ISATAP router or use an existing Cisco router to perform this function. I think a lot of folks who are from the server centric camp will run their AD/DNS server as an ISATAP router to make things easy. Problem is it makes doing ISATAP with a 6to4 gateway a little more difficult. I am going to have to play around a bit to see what the optimal configuration is to get that working. Anyone set ISATAP up in both configurations and have an opinion?
- Ed

Thursday, March 23, 2006

IPv6 dead peer detection

I have started the next phase of my lab build out and hope to show IPv6 dead peer detection from a host perspective. If all goes well traffic will continue to forward out to the public IPv6 space after shutting down the primary interface of my test lab router.
Some of the improvements made to IPv6 are really very cool and appear to work in concept much better then their IPv4 counterparts. I am just wondering if all of these improvements, on aggregate, are enough for folks to want to start utilizing IPv6. Only time will tell.
- Ed

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

IPv6 6to4 Lab is working

I have managed to configure 6to4 properly in our lab and got it routing additional IPv6 6to4 space. It is actually pretty neat to see all of this working as stated. I am building out lab notes and slides. I am now going to start on building out ISATAP configurations to see if I can get that working properly. After that, get Teredo up and running.
- Ed

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ultimate frustration with Carriers

I have been dealing with an outage (DS3 flame out) since Friday evening. I was up until 4am on Sat dealing with what I thought was all the parties needed to restore this circuit. As it turns out, there is a third party cross connect provider that refused to come out on site or be timely in terms of dispatching anyone to fix our issue. At this point, I have no idea how we are going to get all this resolved but the fustration level is rising rapidly. This really is NO fun. I would rather be studying QoS then spending this amount of time of the phone!
- Ed

University of the Pacific Tigers Men's Basketball going to the NCAA Tournament!

University of the Pacific Tigers Men's Basketball is going to the NCAA Tournament for the third straight time.

Proud to be a UOP Tiger regardless of the win/loss but it is nice to see the team doing well.

It is wonderful that UOP has gotten on the map for basketball for sure but I think we are in the wrong conference for athletics. Now, when is the school moving to the WCC?
- Ed

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

BT Exact IPv6 Tunnel Broker

BT Exact IPv6 Tunnel Broker has a working IPv6 tunnel broker service that only took a few moments to set up with my Cisco 871 router. Until Hurricane Electric gets their IPv6 routing working again I will be using BT Exact.

I will start testing Native IPv6 with Window's Vista and also be building out lab configurations to test other IPv6 technologies like 6to4, ISATAP and Teredo. Should be interesting playing with the new Advanced Firewall in Vista also as it does ingress and egress traffic filtering for IPv6.
- Ed

Monday, March 06, 2006

Problems with HE.NET's tunnel broker

Maybe I am alone in this but it looks like Hurricane Electric is having problems with their tunnel broker router. I am unable to connect to some common IPv6 addressing via the tunnel - well actually, I am unable to connect to ANY public IPv6 addressing through them right now. I've been e-mailing in asking for them to take a look but to no avail. Hope they get it fixed soon. I may have to find some other tunnel broker services to use as I am in the middle of testing out and building some lab configuration.
If you are using's tunnel broker service please drop me a line, I am trying to make sure it isn't isolated to my tunnel configurations and having someone else out there using it makes confirming that sooo much easier.
- Ed