Monday, June 29, 2009

Some other blogs to follow

There are a few other blogs that are worth follow out there, here are some new ones I am starting to watch:
Colin McNamara - good content on Cisco UCS, Virtualization, CCxE topics
Jennelle Crothers - some good stuff on Windows and general IT Pro issues, plus she is really cool.
colovirt - good info on network infrastructure and storage

- Ed

Cisco Live! (Networkers) in SF this week

Cisco annual conference is in San Francisco this week. I'll be darting over to attend a Partner event Tuesday evening. In the past I have attended Cisco Networkers but my schedule hasn't allowed me much time to attend.
I might try to make it in to see the expo floor later this week.
On a related note, Cisco announced their newest certification at Live! - Cisco Certified Architect - requires a review board and is above CCIE/CCDE level. Yet another level of BS for the industry IMHO. I am wonder why anyone will bother going to college anymore to earn an Engineering degree at all! LOL
Anyway, check out the announcement here.
- Ed

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My MVP Video interview at TechEd 2009

I attended Microsoft TechEd for the first time ever this year. It was down in Los Angeles and while there I was interviewed by the Microsoft MVP Team. Here is the video. They also have video interviews with Daniel Nerenberg, a bunch of the video's will be released shortly and the list of them can be found here.
Many thanks to Emily Freet and to my MVP Lead Jake Grey for having me stick around to do that.
- Ed