Wednesday, December 27, 2017

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate for another 2 years

I recently had to crash study for the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Recertification Exam. I had originally passed in Dec of 2015 and of course I waited until the last possible moment to study and take the recert exam. I was lucky enough to pass and be in good standing for another two years. It did get me thinking that perhaps I should take one or two other AWS certification exams just for fun. I am considering the SysOps or perhaps the Adv. Networking Specialist. I will recommend for those interested in studying to use a few study resources. Specifically, Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru. Both have great content and between the two you should be pretty well covered.

What other certs are folks considering for 2018? I have a running list that includes Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat and a few other misc. ones.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you keep on track with your studies.
- Ed

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