Friday, March 19, 2010

Cisco IPSec VPN Client - 5.0.7 BETA - Win7 64-bit support

Cisco has a beta version of the IPSec VPN Client out, version 5.0.7 BETA (vpnclient-winx64-msi- available for download. It appears they got the message about the need for a 64-bit version of the IPSec client for Windows 7! It is available for download on CCO but requires a valid CCO login and current contract to get the code.

This is great news for Microsoft customers that have Cisco ASA's, PIX's or VPN 3000 concentrators deployed and their IT team is migrating their client OS's to Windows 7. Many OEM's are shipping the default OS as Windows 7 64-bit to take advantage of the all the RAM systems can support today.

Cisco is still pushing their AnyConnect client + ASA platform to compete with Microsoft's DirectAccess solution on Forefront UAG. Cisco is positioning the AnyConnect client as an always ready vpn client that auto-reconnects and is seamless in that process. I don't know if I am buying that position given the flexibility of what DirectAccess can do and how you can manage the policies with GPO's in AD in the Microsoft solution. Plus the fact that once DirectAccess is deployed there is no VPN "client" per-say, it is more of a policy function which is a very unique position in terms of product positioning.

At least if you have a Cisco IPSec solution deployed today you can now leverage it with Windows 7 without requiring any third party software to get around the problem of being on a 64-bit OS.
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VPN Haus said...


Interesting post. A lot of people have been frustrated with the lack of support on the 64-bit IPSec for quite some time now... A question I can’t help to think is a client enough in today’s world? There are companies, such as NCP, who have been conducting R&D for the past four years and have been able to develop technology that is way more than a client, such as a personal firewall, budget manager, etc.

I’ve been following this topic for some time now… here’s a recent post:

Anonymous said...

Is this also compatible to install on Windows 2008 R2 - terminal server?

Anonymous said...


Hey there-- sorry I missed your comment-- yes.

If your looking for add'l information look here:

chicago colocation said...
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Drake said...

Very handy post about the support of Cisco IPSEC VPN client 5.0.7-win7 64-bit. Actually nowadays a lot of people frequently suffers by in such supporting problem and I think that here provided allocation will be handy for them.

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