Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple iPhone - yeah yeah, whatever

OK, I think the folks camping out and waiting for a new iPhone are nuts. I understand the desire for a device but even Steve Jobs admits that surfing the web on the AT&T Edge network is horrible. I am still amazed that they released this product running on the old Edge network. I think people will be kicking themselves when Apple releases the next version of the phone in 6 mo. time that is running on the newer 3g stuff. Apple has been known to do that sort of thing in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if they did it here. Somehow saying that wifi will fill in the void really isn't good enough and sort of slights the vision of having good mobile communications everywhere.
I am the first to admit that Apple builds very sexy products that are remarkably consumer friendly. At the same time, regardless of the vendor, I do expect them to move the bar forward, not backwards, which is what Apple is doing by deploying on Edge.
I'll stick to my Verizon EVDO service for now...
- Ed


Jon Silvers said...

It's embarrassing to admit I still have a Treo! And worse yet, I only use it for the calendar; I have a Razr as my phone. I'm such a LOSER!

I'm waiting for the next gen iPhone too, though I have to say the one they just released is pretty durn cool as is.

Howfunky said...

I have a Windows Mobile 5 phone - the thing is huge and the battery life is not anything to brag about. I personally am thinking about picking up a nice small phone on my wife and daughter's plan so I have something for personal use that is easier to carry around and has decent battery life.
I do think the next gen iPhone will get better - but it sure does look more monopoly like what AT&T and Apple are doing in terms of coupling the hardware that tightly to a carrier. I guess the FCC will get to have some say in that eventually.
- Ed

Anonymous said...

I will buy one when I can jack it into my head directly. Until then, it's a drop-in-the-glass-of-water waiting to happen while I'm showing it off.I still have a PEBL and I have to recharge it every day.